Web site: github.com/tulir/gomuks
Category: Network
Subcategory: Instant Messengers
Platform: Linux
License: AGPL
Interface: TUI
Programing language: Go
First release: 2018

gomuks – a terminal based Matrix client written in Go with mautrix-go and mauview.

Keyboard shortcuts:

– Ctrl and Alt are interchangeable in most keybindings, but the other one may not work depending on your terminal emulator.
– Switch rooms: Ctrl + ↑, Ctrl + ↓
– Scroll chat (page): PgUp, PgDown
– Jump to room: Ctrl + K, then Tab and Enter to navigate and select room
– Plaintext mode: Ctrl + L
– Newline: Alt + Enter

The project developer is Tulir Asokan.

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