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Category: Network
Subcategory: Instant Messengers
Platform: Haiku, Linux, OS X, UNIX-like, Windows
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
Programing language: C++, Qt
First release: July 7, 2001


Psi – a free instant messaging application designed for the XMPP network. Fast and lightweight, Psi is fully open-source and compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

With Psi’s full Unicode support and localizations, easy file transfers, customizable iconsets, and many other great features, you’ll learn why users around the world are making the switch to free, open instant messaging.

Google Talk, LiveJournal, and Portugal Telecom are just a few of the groups that are actively using the XMPP network around the world — and many other companies and educational institutions are still joining in. Psi allows you to seamlessly chat with anyone connected to this global IM network through services like these.

The project founder is Justin Karneges.

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