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Web site: punbb.informer.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: Forums
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GPL
Interface: Web
Programing language: PHP
First release: 2003

PunBB – a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically intensive as compared to other discussion boards. PunBB has fewer features than many other discussion boards, but is generally faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct XHTML-compliant pages.

PunBB is written in PHP and thus requires the PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PunBB also requires a database for storing forum data. For that purpose PunBB supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

PunBB was founded by Rickard Andersson, who conceived it as an alternative to over-featured or too graphic discussion boards. The first stable release was reached on the 7th of August, 2003.

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