Fluent Reader

Fluent Reader

Web site: hyliu.me/fluent-reader/
Category: Network
Subcategory: RSS Readers
Platform: Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, Windows
License: BSD
Interface: GUI
Programing language: TypeScript, Dart, JavaScript
First release: June 2020

Fluent Reader – an open-source, cross-platform news aggregator with a fresh look. Bring all your favorite sources with you and read distraction-free.

– A modern UI inspired by Fluent Design System with full dark mode support.
– Read locally or sync with self-hosted services compatible with Fever or Google Reader API.
– Sync with RSS Services including Inoreader, Feedbin, The Old Reader, BazQux Reader, and more.
– Importing or exporting OPML files, full application data backup & restoration.
– Read the full content with the built-in article view or load webpages by default.
– Search for articles with regular expressions or filter by read status.
– Organize your subscriptions with folder-like groupings.
– Single-key keyboard shortcuts.
– Hide, mark as read, or star articles automatically as they arrive with regular expression rules.
– Fetch articles in the background and send push notifications.

Support for other RSS services are under fundraising.

Fluent Reader Lite is a simplistic mobile RSS client.



Web site: kirc.io
Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC clients
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GPL
Interface: TUI
Programing language: C
First release: August 15, 2020

Kirc (KISS for IRC) – a tiny IRC client written in POSIX C99 designed with usability and cross-platform compatibility in mind.

– No dependencies other than a C99 compiler.
– Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) protocol support.
– Client-to-client (CTCP) protocol support.
– Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol support (via external utilities).
– Simple chat history logging.
– Asynchronous message handling.
– Multi-channel joining at server connection.
– Full support for all RFC 2812 commands.
– Easy customized color scheme definition.

The project founder is Michael Czigler.