The Lounge

The Lounge

Web site:
Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC clients
Platform: Cross-platform
License: MIT
Interface: Web browser
Programing language: JavaScript, Vue
First release: 2015

The Lounge – a modern, web based, self-hosted IRC client.

– Modern features brought to IRC. Push notifications, link previews, new message markers, and more bring IRC to the 21st century.
– Always connected. Remains connected to IRC servers while you are offline.
– Cross platform. It doesn’t matter what OS you use, it just works wherever Node.js runs.
– Responsive interface. The client works smoothly on every desktop, smartphone and tablet.
– Synchronized experience. Always resume where you left off no matter what device.
– Multi-user support. Supports multiple user accounts. Share your server with your friends.
– Free and open-source. The Lounge is open source and licensed under the MIT license.

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