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Category: Network
Subcategory: Microblog Clients
Platform: Linux, UNIX-like, Windows
License: Charityware
Interface: CLI
Programing language: C
First release: November 2, 1991


TwitVim – a Vim plugin that allows you to post to Twitter and view Twitter timelines. It is an enhancement of vimscript #2124 by Travis Jeffery.

TwitVim supports most of the features of a typical Twitter client, including:
– Friends, User, Direct Message, Mentions, and Favorites timelines
– Twitter Search
– Replying and retweeting
– Hashtags (jump to search timeline)
– In reply to (See which tweet an @-reply is for.)
– Opening links in a browser
– User profile display
– Twitter List viewing and managing
– Trending topics
– Timeline filtering

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