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Web site: www.haiku-os.org/docs/userguide/en/applications/webpositive.html
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web Browsers
Platform: Haiku
License: BSD, GPL, MIT
Interface: GUI
Programing language: C++
First release: February 2010


WebPositive (or Web+) – the Haiku native web browser. One part of its name is a tip of the hat to BeOS’ simple NetPositive, the other points to its modern foundation: the WebKit. This open source HTML rendering library is at the heart of other mainstream browsers as well, like Safari of Mac OS X and Google’s Chrome. By using the ever evolving WebKit, Web+ will be able to keep up with new web technologies.

Webpositive supports most HTML5 features, including ‘audio’ and ‘video’ support, while geolocation support is still being worked on. WebPositive does not currently support any form of plugins, although developer Stephan Aßmus has suggested that he may look into plugin support in the future.


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