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Web site: ygoow.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: p2m clients
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: EULA, Freeware
Interface: GUI
Programing language:
First release:


Ygoow – a simple and stable P2M client which automatically and with limited users interference allows the mass creation of e-mail accounts in free and freely available websites, preparation (eg splitting into parts of the maximum size compatible with e-mail account) and placing files in these accounts.

In the process of uploading files to accounts, we are getting hashcode (a form of a string of ASCII characters) containing data of mailboxes on which files were placed, passwords to these accounts, and additional informations such as a CRC32 checksum.

The P2M client encryption mechanism is based on a password, but does not provide users any confidential decrypted data, even after entering the correct password, and only uses it to log in and download files from e-mail accounts. In this way, uploaded files are protected against mental or accidental deletion.

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